10 Best Free Interval Training App

Updated on: September 2023

Best Free Interval Training App in 2023

HIIT Interval Training Timer

HIIT Interval Training Timer
BESTSELLER NO. 1 in 2023
  • Set up the times with your keypad or the +/- buttons
  • Save your presets to use them again
  • Choose your sound
  • Added scrolling to support small screens
  • Listen to your music while the app is running, as long as you can still hear the sounds

Complete Ear Trainer

Complete Ear Trainer
BESTSELLER NO. 2 in 2023
  • 150+ progressive drills arranged over 4 levels / 28 chapters.
  • Easy mode: 50+ progressive drills arranged over 12 chapters especially designed for beginners
  • 11 drill types, 24 intervals, 36 chord types, chord inversions, 28 scale types, melodic dictations, chord progressions
  • Play a selection of 21 drills in arcade mode
  • 5 octaves of actual recorded grand piano sounds, 7 additional sound banks (vintage piano, Rhodes piano, electric guitar, harpsichord, concert harp, strings and pizzicato strings)
  • In each chapter, a theory card will introduce you to the concepts you will need to know
  • Designed like a video game: earn 3 stars in each drill of a chapter to unlock the next one. Or will you be able to obtain perfect 5-star scores?
  • Amazon GameCircle: unlock achievements and see how you rank against other players worldwide
  • Don't want to follow the preestablished path of progression? Create and save your own custom drills and rehearse them at your own convenience.
  • Never lose any progress: cloud sync across your various devices

Voice Training - Learn To Sing

Voice Training - Learn To Sing
BESTSELLER NO. 3 in 2023
  • App plays a note or phrase of notes, and you sing to it.
  • The piano keys highlight showing which note you should sing and which pitch you are correctly singing.
  • Keep track of progress and gain stars for great singing.
  • Designed in collaboration with professional singing teacher.
  • Exercises to expand your vocal range.
  • Simulates the experience of singing classes where teachers use a piano as a guide for pitch.


BESTSELLER NO. 4 in 2023
  • Move with the best
  • Experience the latest in fitness research
  • Go harder and push higher with unbeatable fitness music

Tabata Timer

Tabata Timer
BESTSELLER NO. 5 in 2023
  • Configurable preparation, workout and rest durations.
  • Configurable number of cycles and tabatas (sets).
  • Clear time display.
  • Simple user interface.
  • Background music.

TimerFit: Timer for Tabata, CrossFit, Boxing, Martial Arts and any Interval Training

TimerFit: Timer for Tabata, CrossFit, Boxing, Martial Arts and any Interval Training
BESTSELLER NO. 6 in 2023
  • Motivational mode
  • Color reference for each timer training stage of the HIIT, Tabata or any other training/fitness session. Easy to read time
  • Training profiles : Full customizable times and exercises list
  • Timer Sounds modes : Box, Gym, Digital, Voice
  • Vibrate Mode
  • Training Diary where you can see each Tabata and HIIT session and put notes on each one
  • Timer stop when you leave the app and returns when you go back to it

Interval timer HIIT Training

Interval timer HIIT Training
BESTSELLER NO. 7 in 2023
  • Feature
  • ・ The setting is simple!
  • ・I have excellent visibility character is greater !
  • ・Can be the design of your choice by changing the background !
  • ・Timer sound realistic !

Piano Ear Training Free

Piano Ear Training Free
BESTSELLER NO. 8 in 2023
  • Ear trainer to improve aural skills. Play the piano by ear.
  • 9 different games to become a better musician and achieve high scores in grade theory exams: Higher Lower, Pitch Training, Interval Training, Chord Distinction, Scale Identification, Interval Comparison, Pitch Identification, Melodic Dictation, Chord Progression.
  • Highly authentic and configurable piano (grand piano sounds, multitouch, glissando, highlighting, note names, haptic feedback)
  • Resizable piano suitable for all devices and tablets.
  • Suitable for beginners to advanced musicians. Games have different levels and you can program and focus on specific chords, intervals, progressions, scales etc.

Interval Recognition - ear train

Interval Recognition - ear train
BESTSELLER NO. 9 in 2023
  • Train your ear with ascending / descending / harmonic intervals, phrases, scales tuning & perfect pitch.
  • Associate intervals with songs
  • Set tempo, instrument (inc high quality samples) and volume, pitch range, response to incorrect answers, layout & font size
  • Listen mode to compare intervals
  • Continuous play for hands free use with speech recognition


BESTSELLER NO. 10 in 2023
  • Editor reviewed content
  • Video playback
  • Video search from a vast range of videos available on fitness

Workout with Debbie Walker's Walkvest

Debbie Walker's Walkvest and WalkOut of the Month Club combines aerobic exercise with weight training benefits in a way that's both challenging and accessible.

My mom, who is 75 and counting, has had osteoporosis for 30 years now. Although I'm younger than she, I work out with her five times a week. We've tried many workout methods incorporating weight training since we know that weight training helps prevent bone loss. That's a plus for osteoporosis sufferers, or for those who want to prevent osteoporosis, like me.

We've tried Charlene Prickett (of It Figures), and Strong Bones Yoga (with Christine Dormaier) tapes. We've joined gyms and Curves. And we've bought stationary bikes and treadmills. In all the years of our exercising together, nothing has matched the challenge and accessibility of Debbie Walker's Walkvest and WalkOut of the Month Club CD's.

We ordered two vests from www.walkvest.com (small for my mom and medium for me) and had to wait awhile before receiving them due to their being on backorder. When they arrived, we received with them 8 (each) half-pound weights that are tucked inside pockets that surround the vest's waist. We also received a beginner's 20-minute WalkOut CD. According to the enclosed directions, I tucked four weights evenly spaced into my mom's vest pockets; all eight in mine. This distribution around your body's core threatens less injury than does holding handweights while walking. Then we worked with the CD on the treadmill (we have two, side by side). Later we tried walking around the block sans CD. That's it, you just start walking.

The vest is adjustable with two straps, one at your chest, the other at your waist; so it fits comfortably. Making sure the vest is snug is important because otherwise the pull of the vests can cause the neckline to gouge into your neck and hurt a bit.. Where you feel the added weight is not in your neck but in your legs and thighs, mainly, but not too much to cause cramps. With steady guidance from Debbie Walker herself and the beats in the accompanying music, the beginner's CD helps you warm up slowly, varies your heartrate, builds to intensity, then cools you down. It also uses inclines for treadmills. My mom goes at her own pace, especially at the plateaus, and I go at mine.

The CD's with the WalkOut of the Month Club that we later received in the mail follow the same format but are longer--around 30-40 minutes--and include a spurt of jogging, if you want to jog. Each month builds on the challenges of the previous month. They arrive regularly once a month; however, we experienced a wait between months two and three without any explanation for this wait. We assume there was a backlog.

Without even trying, I've lost ten pounds in the three months we've been working out with the Walkvest. And my mom is strong, energetic, and healthy. She's even wearing the vest around the house, just pottering. She says it helps keep her warm. We haven't tucked additional weights into our vest pockets because the WalkOut of the Month Club CD's incrementally increase the challenge, so we don't feel yet that we've reached a plateau in our workouts. But it's nice to know that we can add weights if we want to do so.

The Walkvest offers aerobic benefits along with the all-important weight training--a great, and effective combination. We're never bored, we understand what we're doing, and we like it.

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