10 Best Horse Treats For Training

Updated on: September 2023

Best Horse Treats For Training in 2023

Manna Pro Bite-Sized Horse Treats | Apple Flavored | 4 Pounds

Manna Pro Bite-Sized Horse Treats | Apple Flavored | 4 Pounds
BESTSELLER NO. 1 in 2023

Manna Pro Bite-Size Nuggets | Peppermint Flavored Horse Treats | 1 Pound

Manna Pro Bite-Size Nuggets | Peppermint Flavored Horse Treats | 1 Pound
BESTSELLER NO. 2 in 2023
  • GREAT TASTE GUARANTEED: If your horse doesn’t find our Bite-Size Nuggets irresistible we will refund your purchase
  • GREAT VALUE: Over 80 horse treats per bag
  • VITAMINS AND MINERALS: Packed with vitamins and minerals
  • POCKET SIZED: Small size is great for rewarding and training

Ginger Ridge Super Star Horse Treats, 1.65 Lb Bag

Ginger Ridge Super Star Horse Treats, 1.65 Lb Bag
BESTSELLER NO. 3 in 2023
  • Premium Quaility - All Natural Treats
  • Oven Baked - Gmo Free - Freshness Gauranteed
  • Anise Seed And Orange Oil Combine To Create Traditionally Flavored, Brightly Colored Star Shaped Pieces
  • Packed In Nitrogen Flushed Poly Bags To Ensure Freshness
  • Natural Multigrain Biscuits Mahe Especially For Hourses Nad Ponies

Nutrigood Low-Sugar Snax | Apple Flavor Horse Treats | 4 Pounds

Nutrigood Low-Sugar Snax | Apple Flavor Horse Treats | 4 Pounds
BESTSELLER NO. 4 in 2023
  • LOW STARCH: Nutrigood Low-Sugar Snax contains 80% less sugar and starch vs. leading treats
  • NO ADDED SUGAR: Contains no added sugar or molasses for safe treating
  • ALL-NATURAL INGREDIENTS: No artificial colors or flavors
  • GREAT TASTE GUARANTEED: Horses love the natural apple flavor
  • MADE IN THE USA: Low-Sugar Snax are made in the USA so you can always expect quality and consistency

Manna Pro Apple Wafers, 20 lb

Manna Pro Apple Wafers, 20 lb
BESTSELLER NO. 5 in 2023
  • Great value; over 700 treats per bag
  • Packed with vitamins & minerals
  • Ideal for training and rewarding
  • Backed by great taste guarantee
  • Pocket sized

Wellbro Dog Treat Pouch, Handy Pet Training Waist Bag with Fast Spring Hinge and Front Pocket, Easy to Carry Treats and Toys, for Rapid Reward to Pets, Black

Wellbro Dog Treat Pouch, Handy Pet Training Waist Bag with Fast Spring Hinge and Front Pocket, Easy to Carry Treats and Toys, for Rapid Reward to Pets, Black
BESTSELLER NO. 6 in 2023
  • SPRING HINGE CLOSURE: Wellbro dog treat bag with a spring hinge is easy to open and close by miraculously a gentle touch and very fast to give a rapid reward to your dog for its wonderful performance.
  • HANDY FRONT POCKET: There is extra front pocket with Velcro fastener, so you can put dog poop bag, training clicker, key, phone, cash and other small items in it for quick and easy access, which makes you always prepared for outdoor activities and offers you a relaxing time with no worries.
  • HIGH QUALITY AND USER FRIENDLY: The dog treat bag is made of light, waterproof and durable Oxford fabric with black liner, which is easy to clean, convenient and durable to use and also machine washable.
  • ADJUSTABLE STRAP AND BELT CLIP: The training bag is supplied with a adjustable and detachable strap around the waist and a plastic clip, keeping treats, toys and snacks ready to hand while spending agility and fun training time with your dog so as to keep your hands free and ready for fun with your pet.
  • SIZE DETAILS: Pet training bag is in the size of L9.0” x H7.2” x W3.6” when opened and there is a roomy main compartment that is big and convenient enough to store treats, kibbles and balls.

Purina Trea Apple and Oat Flavored Horse Treats, 3.5 lb Bag

Purina Trea Apple and Oat Flavored Horse Treats, 3.5 lb Bag
BESTSELLER NO. 7 in 2023
  • Easy to feed, easy to eat
  • Excellent sizes and fun shapes
  • Horse treats with a great taste that your horses will love

Vivaglory Dog Treat Training Pouch, Lightweight Dog Treat Bag for Training with Detachable Waistband, Belt Clip, Poop Bag Dispenser, Large Enough to Carry Treats, Kibbles, Pet Toys, Violet

Vivaglory Dog Treat Training Pouch, Lightweight Dog Treat Bag for Training with Detachable Waistband, Belt Clip, Poop Bag Dispenser, Large Enough to Carry Treats, Kibbles, Pet Toys, Violet
BESTSELLER NO. 8 in 2023
  • SPORTS STYLE DESIGN: Vivaglory dog treat bag is constructed with lightweight yet durable Oxford; comes with waistband, making it easier to wear and letting your hands free without hinder your movement; beveled opening makes the opening larger than most others, convenient for you to get treats out, enjoying happy time of sporting with your dog
  • EASY ACCESS & TIED CLOSELY: Enlarged beveled opening makes it easy access to treats, training your dog timely; Built-in drawstring makes it easy to open with only one hand while waking your dog; adjustable fastening helps you tie the bag closely; no worries about treats falling out when running or bending
  • FREE YOUR HANDS-2 WAYS TO CARRY: Easy to wear with belt clip or included detachable/adjustable waistband. Our training treat bag is curved to fit around your waist; and adjustable waistband (25.2”~47.2”) fits dog walkers of most body shapes
  • LARGER CAPACITY: This dog treat pouch is designed with large enough capacity to hold plenty of kibble, treats, and toys on the go; Front mesh pocket with pick-up bag dispenser and side attached cloth for tying bags make it easy to clean up on walks
  • VISIBLE & SAFE: Stylish sports style design with 2 reflective strips, which reflect when vehicle headlights hit them at night. Effectively improve visibility, keeping yourself and your dog safe when walking at night. 365 DAYS GUARANTEE: Vivaglory guarantees against defects in materials and workmanship of our dog treat bag for 365 days

Purina Apple and Oat Flavored Horse Treats, 15 Pound Bag

Purina Apple and Oat Flavored Horse Treats, 15 Pound Bag
BESTSELLER NO. 9 in 2023
  • Easy To Feed, Easy To Eat
  • Excellent Sizes And Fun Shapes
  • Horse Treats With A Great Taste That Your Horses Will Love
  • Package Dimensions: 26.0" L X 17.0" W X 7.0" H

Nutrigood Senior Snax Horse Treats | Made with Omega 3 Fatty Acids, Biotin, and Glucosamine | 2 Pounds

Nutrigood Senior Snax Horse Treats | Made with Omega 3 Fatty Acids, Biotin, and Glucosamine | 2 Pounds
BESTSELLER NO. 10 in 2023
  • FORMULATED FOR SENIOR HORSES: Nutrigood Senior Snax are easy-to-chew, baked horse treats that are ideal for seniors with poor tooth quality
  • CONTAINS NATURAL GLUCOSAMINE: Senior Snax contain a natural source of Glucosamine to help support healthy joints and connective tissues
  • OMEGA 3 FATTY ACIDS: Ground flaxseed is a rich source of Omega 3 Fatty Acids, which encourage healthy skin and a vibrant coat
  • ENCOURAGES HEALTHY HOOVES: Senior Snax helps support strong, healthy hooves with the addition of Biotin
  • APPLE FLAVORED: Horses love the apple taste

Back to Basics: a Self Sustaining Life on and Off the Grid

a view at a self sustaining life with the fun and pleasure of learning to raise farm animals and make your own jams and canning

I have been a big fan of living off the grid. I have watched program after program on families who spend more money to build a home off the grid. Only to be disappointed because they could not make it as they felt it should be. Living off the grid is a great life. But you have to want it like anything else. You can live just like you live in the city but the cost is usually a factor that leads people to abandon their plans. The up keep is the same way. Solar panels do not last forever and even a cheap solar panel can cost hundreds of dollars. Kind of like owning a hybrid car the battery does not last forever and in five years will cost you what you saved when you bought the car never mind what it took to manufacture that car.

All of my life I knew the outdoors is where I belonged. I have brown hair and olive skin along with dark eyes. This means I am a person of the earth and farming is ingrained in my DNA. I have a deep love for animals and the earth I never new where it came from I just knew I liked it.

I have longed for years for a real fireplace. You know the one, one you can stand in and cook in and bake in. A real fireplace of fireplaces. I have been so jealous of the olden fireplaces.

I remember my grand mother teaching me to make jam. And how much I enjoyed it. The feelings I get from giving my jam away and the enjoyment people get who eat it. The smell of bread cooking and the taste of homemade bread. The feeling of taking your veggies from garden to can. Personally I dont feel this is self sustaining. I feel it is a lost art. Canning takes work a lot of work.

So lets get into living a self sustaining life style.

Probably the worst part I have had to deal is actually just how inhumanly food animals are treated. Just because they are going to be slaughtered for food. All of my animals are treated the way I like them to be treated. My chickens are safe at night but during the day they roam the yard. They eat bugs and grass and take a dirt bath and are happy. You can set your clock by them they come in everyday at the same time. They are also walking yard ornaments in so many different colors and sizes. They lay green eggs brown eggs red eggs purple eggs and white eggs.

So you say which is more nutritious well thats up for debate and taste. The truth is if your chickens forage for bugs and grass and roots and eat normal lay crumbles your girls will give you eggs very high in omega-3 and considerably healthier than a store bought egg. They will eat the bugs in your garden and even low fruit like tomatoes and other colorful fruit are they are really funny when they get a horn worm or tomato worm. They chase down crickets and other bugs this is what they normally eat and what makes their eggs more nutritious.

Now you have to careful here with your Dogs if your dog does not have ranching sense meaning they like to kill cats and other animals. They will also kill your chickens. Border collies collies shepherds cattle dogs have a ranch sense and such they will not kill your chickens just for fun. I have border collies that are egg thieves. I have brought them up on eating fresh eggs so when my back is turned and im not watching they swipe eggs I lose three eggs a day to my dogs of course only my dogs would do this.

Some things you have to know. Some people say I have no addictions. Well if you intend on living a self sustaining life that will change. First off the most addicting part is chickens. Chickens are a lot of fun any way you look at it. You see once you find out that the eggs in the store come from chickens that sit in a cage no bigger than a microwave box you will be upset. Once you know store bought egg can be as old as 2 months old before it gets to the store. You will have a whole new opinion of fresh eggs and free range eggs.

So you say ok why do eggs have an expiration date. Short answer the egg has been washed. You may go into a farmers house and see the eggs sitting out on the counter in a bowl not refrigerated. When the hen lays an egg it has a protective coating keeping the inside of egg safe from harmful bacteria. As long as you do not let the eggs sweat meaning put it in the frig and take it out it can sit on your counter for 21 days before bacteria starts to form inside.

Also when you crack a fresh egg and put it in the pan you will notice the yoke is orange not yellow and it stands up in the pan like a golf ball and if you are like me and eat eggs every morning and sometimes at night you will taste that the fresh egg is much creamer.

Not all chickens are the same buy your chicken according to your climate. Some chickens are lazy winter layers like Ameraucanas will stop laying when it gets to cold but they are also the ones that lay green eggs also known as the easter egg chicken great easter eggs need no coloring. Chickens like what I call the old lady chicken barred rocks are hardy winter layers also Orpingtons, leg horns, rhode island reds,Cochins are great for winter eggs.

Then not all girls go broody either meaning sit on their eggs till they hatch Ameraucanas are not noted for going broody so if you want more you will need to buy an incubator. The reason chickens are so addicting is their are so many strange looking chickens and colors. Some people think in order to get eggs you have to have a rooster not true hens lay at about 5 months and will lay an egg every 24 yours. Some people think you can not have chickens in the city again not true. While most larger cities do have regulations most will allow 4 hens. And no roosters. So even in the city you can have fresh eggs everyday. Some people wont eat an egg if its fertile. This is just childish the embryo will die in 9 days if momma does not go broody and their will be no trace of it in the eggs. As a matter of fact even if you get a fresh fertile egg you wont know it when you crack it. Now on occasion I have had a friend call me and say their was a baby in an egg. It has only happened once and I took the wrong eggs from the girl.

And if you do not have a rooster you will have no fertile eggs anyways. Another amazing thing about hens is she has a sperm pocket she can hold the roosters sperm inside her body for 23 days before his little soldiers die. So even after she is taken from a rooster she will continue to produce fertile eggs for 23 days. It takes 21 days for an egg to hatch. As you get farther into chickens you will see just how much fun your girls and boys will be.

Another amazing thing about any barn yard animals is their meat. Fresh chicken tastes nothing like store bought chicken. Same with humanely raised cows her milk when drank raw is very healthy for humans. Milk needs no pasteurization or homogenization. The only reason this is done is cows on milk farms stand and lay in poop their utters drag in it they are feed hormones and antibiotics to keep them from dying from the food they are given. People who are lactose intolerant can drink raw cows milk with no problem. Raw cows milk is sweet and high in all the bacteria needed in the human body.

Cows eat grass. They do not eat other cows or bubble gum or stale bread or cooked animal byproducts to reduce feed lot costs. All cows eat is grass. They do not eat grain just grass their stomachs are designed for grass and when they eat grains and stale bread and other byproduct market food they get sick then they are given antibiotics to keep them from getting to sick and a side affect of this is the cows gain more weight faster.

Mad cow disease is the only one that can not be cooked out of meat. If a human eats it they will die. Mad cow is from all the byproducts hormones and antibiotics cows are given in what are known as feed lots. Their is currently a big push on to take cows back to grass fed grazing. It is humane to the cows makes for better tasting meat and healthier milk. It is catching on.

Once you begin to understand just how much your body is being poisoned by the FDA you will want to grow kill and eat animals where you know what they ate and know that they were treated humanely before slaughter.

Growing and canning your own food. Now their are some truths here that most farmers understand and they dont bother us. If you make your own jam from fruit grown in your own trees then you know save some for the birds. As you climb through your trees and pick the fruit it isnt long before you understand that because a bird ate one side of the fruit doesn't mean it cant be picked cleaned and made into jam or pie filling. Fruit all the time has bird poop on it not a big deal.

You are making jam or something else for your family or friends. You will clean it cut away the bad and add it to the rest to be processed for jam or pie filling. Same with tomatoes peppers cucumbers squash and all other garden veggies. They all have bugs on them. You can get great satisfaction from canning your jams making your own ketchup and pie filings. And always remember jam not quite set becomes ice cream topping.

Canning has come such a long way since our grandmothers mothers canned. It wasnt that long ago when you added sugar and boiled down to jam. Losing all the flavor of the fruit and it becoming brown. Making your own sour crout can be be fun and tasty using zucchini to make relish instead of cucumbers. Making watermelon pickles and tomato jam. Making your own ketchup. The smell of a perfected rosemary bread cooking in the oven. By the way for those who dont know the bread at Macaroni grill is rosemary bread. It is all addicting in a way you can not imagine.

Pickling your fresh eggs and the secrets behind pickling them. Cooking the perfect egg then making a pickling mix. I myself and my children like mustard eggs. The secret to pickled eggs is simple. If you use fresh eggs take a tack and poke a hole in the fat part of the egg. Put cold water in a pan put your eggs in the cold water. Watch for the water to start to roll set your timer for 12 minutes and cook them. When the timer goes off remove pan from fire run cold water in it to stop the eggs from cooking and peel. The perfect boiled egg has no grey around the outside of the yoke.

Make your pickling solution using apple cider vinegar bring to a boil and let it cool before pouring over eggs. This keeps the eggs from any further cooking. Which is the biggest problem with pickled eggs of any type rubbery eggs cooked in the solution.

For years people have recoiled at the thought that chickens egg bugs. Well i never found a cricket leg inside my egg from a hen. What people do not know is this their are limits to the amount of bug parts that can be in canned veggies. YES I SAID CANNED the FDA allows bugs in your food and even rat parts.

Some of the most frequently purchased and used canned products have more bugs than anything else. Ketchup, tomato paste and sauce, canned zucchini,relish and many other products brought to market via mass production methods. Have a measurable amount of bug parts in them. Meat from processing plants has rat in it or other small animals that could crawl into the grinder. Now this is mainly ground meats pork and beef mostly. By raising and killing your food you can stop all of this.

Living a self sustaining life is more than just you. It becomes about humane treatment for animals keeping your family healthier by limiting the amount of mass produced products brought to your table and others you know. Its about being willing to sit on the porch and watch the show going on in your yard. Its about knowing what your eating and feeding your families. Its about making unpopular choices for a better life for you and your family.

It's about learning to use your fireplace to cook in. And also keeping your house warm while making as small of a carbon foot print as you can. You don't have to be rich you don't have to have solar panels or generators or wind turbines. Once you get started and fall in love with it you will do like the rest of us and hunger more.

Once you get started you will want more I promise. It is exciting the very first time you have chicks hatch and it never loses it excitement. You can sell the eggs as hatching eggs or eating eggs. Spring becomes amazing you find yourself looking for signs of spring in Feb. You are looking for your daffodils to sprout your crocuses to sprout. The coming spring always takes to long to arrive.

The farm is new with babies and alive with excitement. The horses get restless and the barn animals smell the spring rains just around the corner. A life off the grid a self sustaining life that you made is very filling and easy to get used to. So go get started.

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